In episode 5 of the BLAH podcast, we talk about how Shay's productivity habits have been challenged by dropping the kids nap. It's been a hard process to go through and not sure exactly how to get her mojo back.

This week on the BLAH podcast, Colby has a great idea to record a more real, relatable episode. So we ditched the informative, purposeful style and just talk to you about what is going on in our lives recently, which is all about productivity. 

If you haven’t kept up with previous episodes, we have 2 kids and 2 dogs and our oldest is heading off to kindergarten in a few weeks! This is bringing lots of change to our family routine. As we gear up for a brand new school year for us, Shay realized some changes needed to be made. Even though it’s hard, stop fighting something that isn’t working and change it. 

The change

We decided to drop nap time for both of our kids. If you’re not a parent, you might not understand and appreciate the value that nap time provides. Naptime is something that you look forward too. So far things have been going great for the kids but Shay is exhausted. Of course, this had to start when Colby started his work shifts and Shay is solo parenting. 

We’ve tried the quiet time thing with our oldest, but it’s never worked for us. Luckily our kids play together really well but fight hard too. They do give Shay pockets of time during the day to get stuff done. The weather has been great so we’ve been at the pool for a solid 2 hours per day every day so far. 

By the time 7 p.m. rolls around and it’s the kid’s bedtime, Shay wants to crash with them. Except that’s a terrible idea because nobody wants to be up and partying solo at 2 a.m when your kids wake up early. Except that it’s ruining my productivity. I have no motivation or productive energy in me after the kids go to bed to get stuff done especially as we gear up to getting the BLAH podcast up and running. 

My brain is telling me that this is the time to get work done, but my body is telling me nope, nothing is going to happen. I just feel like watching Netflix and eat junk food which we don’t have either. As a person who wants to spend her time with intention, I know I need to work but physically just can’t which is making Colby slightly frustrated at the moment. 

But I just can’t be productive

There is so much info on productivity, hacks, and ways to do things, but I can’t be the only one who feels like they just can’t do any of those things. Colby struggles with this transitioning from work life to home duties. Everyone is trying to find this balanced life, but we come to find that balance doesn’t exist. 

We feel as though it’s completely ok to take a step back after you make a change. And realize that you will need to make some adjustments to make that change possible and sustainable. This can be overwhelming if the change you want to make is something small like a pebble but then the whole process feels like an avalanche is coming down on you. 

Here’s the secret. At this moment, I don’t have it figured out yet. And honestly, this is the first time that Colby and I have been so productive together. We usually feed off each other in our laziness. When we are separated we can get so much done. But together, the house is a mess, the dishes don’t get done and its absolute nuts. 

Which is surprising why we decided to do a podcast together and try to start up a business together. But we knew that we would need to overcome this sabotaging tendency that we did have, to make this work. We’ve come to learn that each other’s personality and lifestyle influence their productivity. Also that we each have our definition when it comes to productivity. In the end, not all the info out there is going to work for you so make it your own. 

As we go through this time of figuring out how to get back on the productivity bandwagon after making a few changes, Colby has a great idea that we need to schedule out our week better in advance. And scheduling time where we can get work done during the day while the other parent takes the lead on handling the kids. 

Shay’s fear because of all of this

Shay spills the beans that she is terrified that all the habits that she has worked so hard to make will go out the window because of this unproductive week she is facing. Starting a habit is easy peasy. Sticking through with the change for something to become a habit is so difficult. For us, we find that we can do something for 2 months super consistently, yet something can come up and just like that the habit is gone. Shay’s been working on these productivity habits since May, and she fears that this week will just ruin all of that work. 

The episode ends with Shay taking a video from Matt D’Avella related to creating habits that she just recently watched on youtube. In that video, he talks about how he uses a rule called the “2-day rule.” Matt doesn’t let himself skip a habit for 2 days in a row, but lets himself take off a day here and there if it needed. Shay loves this idea to try to motivate her into getting back her productivity mojo and work routine. 

Alright, that’s it for this week’s episode. We know that life happens and routines get disrupted. It takes a little bit of effort to find the moment again. But we know that with a little bit of handwork, and lots of planning we can figure out those things and get back on track.