We've known that starting a business is our future, except we don't know exactly what that looks like. For so long we struggled with coming up with ideas, until we started to write every crazy idea we have had. In this week's episode we share some of the big ideas we have had.

For some time, I knew that starting a business of some kind was in my future. I didn’t know what kind of business or any other details. Funny how things haven’t changed much for me. What’s holding me back is I don’t know what kind of business I want to start. I felt like I didn’t have any great ideas. I didn’t have specific skills that I felt like I could create something around. Of course, this isn’t everyone’s story. Some people have 100 great ideas everyday. Only if they could share those ideas with us who barely can come up with 1. 

I was always so defensive to any ideas I would have or Colby would recommend to me. If I did have an idea, my logical, analytical side would shut it down quickly. Usually, I would analyze that I didn’t have the skill, the knowledge, experience, money or social media following to make whatever work. I wouldn’t allow myself to try to think the idea through. To try to maybe figure things out before considering it a no. 

Finally one day I told myself that I couldn’t keep shutting down ideas like this. Everyone starts from somewhere and any idea could lead to something new, better, exciting. I knew I needed to be more open with my ideas, no matter how crazy they sounded or unobtainable they may seem. I decided that I would write down every idea I had. Hoping that by just simply acknowledging the idea, more ideas would come. And you know what? They did. Here are some of the bigger, crazy business ideas we’ve had over the last year in no particular order. 

1. Travel blogging/vlogging 

 In a low point of my life in September of 2018, I came across the Bucket list family on YouTube. I binged watched their travel videos with the kids. Sometimes I would find myself still up at 3 a.m watching their videos. I was hooked. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and wanted to do it more. For so long I didn’t think it was worth it to go with the kids being so young. They wouldn’t remember the trip. Traveling with kids is completely different than going with adults. It’s extra added expenses. Yet the Gee family gave me hope that it would all be worth it. I figured we could document our travels and see if we could make something out of it. 

2. Write a book about decluttering/minimalism 

 As a family, we’ve learned a thing or two about downsizing and living with less. People all the time ask us how we managed to do it especially with kids. So I thought maybe I could write a book about minimalism with kids. As much as I love decluttering my house and other’s people stuff, I realized that I just didn’t have any original ideas or tips about the process. 

3. Content creation 

 So many people are doing the content creation through YouTube, blogs, Instagram that I figured maybe it would be fun to dive into the digital world. I love learning about social media strategies and have been an avid blog reader for 10 years so I know a thing or two. I’ve tried starting up multiple blogs in the past but never made anything out of them. Even though I know a lot about the topic, I don’t seem to be applying what I know into my social media feeds. I can’t seem to find a niche that speaks to me. I lack consistency and excitement. So for now, I don’t think this is the one for us. 

4. Photographer 

 I picked up photography as a hobby back when I became the stay at home parent when our daughter was roughly 9 months old. It was a way for me to push myself and not go crazy being home with a baby. I had talked about wanting to improve my skills and finally had self-taught myself a lot of things. I challenged myself to my very first 365 project, basically a photo a day. Friends started to notice my photo’s that I was posting. 

 Eventually, people started asking me if I would take photos of them. I dabbled in newborn photography. I did milestones and cake smash sessions. I’ve done families, couples, engagements, and even an elopement. I’ve tried product photography and landscape. To me, it was important to try it all to really get an understanding of what I loved to photograph. 

 As much as I love photography, after doing all these shoots, I learned that if I were to pursue it full time, I would lose my passion for it. Secondly, we were struggling to find babysitting to be able to do shoots. I still really enjoy the whole process of shooting and editing, so we will see what comes from this. 

5. Renovate and flip RV’s 

 After we had moved to Arizona, we had been discussing what we were going to do about our living situation. We were tired of constantly having to pack up our things every time we moved. The idea of finding a home on wheels sounded intriguing. So we thought we would buy an RV camper and fix it up to reflect more of our taste. We had seen some friends renovate their camper and was so impressed by the change. We thought we could work with clients and renovate campers for them to their style of choice. 

 We ended up buying a school bus for home on wheels, which you can read more about here. We have never done anything like this before and we are learning as we go. Even though my arms have never ached this much before, we are loving the process of getting our hands dirty. 

5. Start a farm and food truck 

 The farm thing is more Colby’s idea. He has always loved to garden no matter if we’ve lived in apartments or homes. A conversation about diet and health that happened at 3 a.m inspired him that he wanted to create a place where people could come to get an education to prevent heart surgeries. Rather than trying to change after the surgery when the most damage has already been done. Piggybacking off this, I thought it would be fun to open a food truck that sourced primarily ingredients from the farm. Doing the farm to table concept that is very popular lately. It would be a good way to bring healthy, good food to people. 

6. Start a tiny house community 

 We would one day love to build a tiny home weather that is on wheels or with a foundation. One of the major complaints we’ve have heard within the tiny home community is that is can be difficult to find places that will let you park. Colby had an idea that it would be fun to create a space where tiny homes could park. Maybe with gardening space and a little general store. A campground just for tiny homes. 

7. Coaching 

 I was introduced to the idea of coaching probably around December of 2018. Previous to that, I’ve never heard of it. But the moment that I did, something lit up in me. Before I went into the medical field, I wanted to study psychology because I wanted to be a counselor of some kind. It seemed like coaching would give me the best of both worlds so to speak. 

We are multi passionate

These are the big idea’s that we’ve had over the last year that we looked into and gave thought too. It doesn’t mean that we’ve figured out exactly what path we want to take. When we look at this list, so many of them pull our heartstrings. We can see ourselves doing so many of these things. In the end, we’ve realized that we are multi-passionate. It’s also helped us open our eyes that we do have ideas that we could potentially consider. It’s such a relief to just to even have ideas, even if none of these things is what we end up doing. 

The thing is that for all of these things, we have some serious learning to do. We don’t have previous experience or skills that would give us an advantage. If it’s not a skill, we don’t have the money to do it. But we do have was the willingness to figure it out if we wanted too. We don’t have all the answers just yet about this whole business thing. Even though it feels like we have so many ideas that we could choose from, we aren’t sure which one is the one that we want to pursue wholeheartedly right now.

But we aren’t rushing ourselves into anything. We’ve decided that we rather just take it one day at a time, to learn as much as we can. We are allowing ourselves to be multi-passionate. To dream big and maybe even a little crazy at the time. The next step is to narrow it down just a bit.