In episode 3 of the BLAH podcast, we talk about all the lifestyle changes we made to help us save more money. All of these things we have done personally, and still do most of them today.

Paying off debt means making a plan, aka a budget, but you can’t just keep living the same way after that. It means to change your habits and lifestyle so that you can save money.

In this week’s episode, we get real personal and share with you guys all the crazy things that we did to save money. Some of them are easy, others might be a little extreme, but we have tried them all! For us, these things have become such a habit, a natural part of our daily life that we still do most of these today. 

When we looked over our expense list, we were blown away with how much money we spent on our food bill. We spill our exact number for 2 adults and a toddler so that you don’t have to feel bad. Let’s just say we were mind blown on how out of control we were. So, of course, we have lots of tips and tricks on helping you save more money when it comes to your food bill as well. 

Secondly, we decided to look over expenses that we thought we could decrease, which was mostly our utilities. Hear us call each other out on the things that we still struggle within this category! For us, it was learning how to be ok with being uncomfortable as well as just changing up our routines. 

Want to know what change we made that is now saving us $100 every month? It’s a simple change to our cell phone plan. We have had used Verizon since the beginning. Now with 2 smartphones, our payment is only around $70. Listen to find out more! 

We finish off the podcast with a lifestyle changes we did ranging from at-home date nights to pairing down our toiletries as a family. 

We hope that through us sharing what we did, we can inspire you guys to make small changes to your budget to save more money! 

Once you listen to the episode, let us know with a comment which lifestyle change was your favorite and which one where you surprised about the most!