We talk about using the concept of reverse engineering to be able to create a game plan on how we can achieve our goals.

In this week’s episode of the BLAH podcast our focus is all about reverse engineering our goals. But we start by talking about how there are seem to be 2 types of people in the world. Those that dreaming comes naturally, and others who struggle. Colby happens to be the dreamer. Shay is the one with the logical side that gets the best of her most days.

Struggling to dream

Over time, I think those of us who struggle to dream feel as though they need permission to do it. We need someone to tell us that it’s ok to not be that responsible and sensible person. No matter which group you fall into, it’s so easy to get influenced by the people around you regarding what your dreams should look like. We see what our friends and family, the people we look up too, the people we follow on social media are all up to or working towards, and believe that those are the same things that we need to be desiring as well.

Even though social media has opened up to us so many options in lifestyle and careers that we never knew were possible, it also has trained us. It has trained all of us to constantly intake and then to react to it. We are all so good at intaking what others have to say, yet struggle to hear the voice inside of us that guides us as individuals. We believe that this is why so many people struggle with dreaming big. To know what their vision is. Knowing who they are and what they want to do with their life.

As a person who struggled with dreaming, I always believed that you had to know exactly all the details of your dream. The picture had to be clear down to all the details. It just wasn’t an acceptable dream if there where parts still unknown and unclear. Alongside this belief, I resisted so hard when I found that my dreams were changing. I didn’t want to feel like I lost all the hard work I had put in already to get to where I was. So I always needed to make sure I was 100% sure my dreams where what I wanted to do before pursuing them.

Reverse engineering

The good news is that I have gotten better at letting myself dream bigger, with unknowns still in place. It was when I was introduced to the concept of reverse engineering to create a path to make them a reality that things changed. The whole concept of reverse engineering is to start with your dream and work backward in identifying the steps that you take to make them happen. Normally we would ask ourselves what do we have to do today to start and work towards our goals.

The time frame struggle

For us, we can only really envision our life in a 2-year time frame. We just move around so often, and so many changes happen that 5 years is too long for us. Many people believe that giving yourself a time frame to achieve something, is not the best idea. Lots of people ending up feeling guilty or ashamed if they aren’t able to achieve their goals within the time frame that they had given to themselves. We are a couple who thrive with the time frame. But have made sure that we take the steps for us to not feel like failures if things don’t go as planned.

Creating a lifestyle of our dreams

We want to walk you through how we took our goals that we shared in episode #6 and reverse engineer with you on what that looks like for us. Our first goal was to create a lifestyle that supports our dreams. If you asked Colby what his dream is, he would say to live on a boat and sail the world. Except Shay gets seasick and isn’t keen on the idea. Shay instead wants to travel 150 days out of the year. Which is roughly equal to how many days kids are not in school, we think.

Ultimately we would like to make more money. To be able to live a life where we don’t need to restrict ourselves and feel like we constantly have to budget for things. There is no shame in desiring more money. To have careers that we are passionate about and enjoy showing up daily. Although we do love the careers we have chosen for ourselves, we are limited in how much money we can make. They also make it hard to be able to travel as much as we wish too.

What we are looking for is location independent, flexible hour careers. But the problem we face is that we don’t have a ton of skills that we can sell ourselves to snatch up a job like that. So it means that we need to learn those types of skills. We figured that starting up our own business of some sort would be a good idea for that. Do we have a clear idea of what that business will be about? Absolutely not. We are still playing around with ideas and will see what aligns with our purpose the most. We believe that even if this whole business thing doesn’t go as we want it, we will learn so much through the process.

Finding a home

Our second goal is to find a place where we can call home. One of the reasons why we have moved around so much is that we are in search for that place to call home, that we just haven’t found yet. We want that small custom built home, on some land where Colby can garden his heart out. For us to be able to build, we would need to be able to buy land and need a significant amount of savings to either afford a construction loan or build. Either way, money seems like the key factor in the scenario.

We are big believers in savings, and using money wisely. Yet our current renting situation isn’t allowing to save as much money as we wish we could. Since we are already working on how we can bring in more money, the question turned to how can we save more money? We knew our biggest expense was rent. It was obvious for us, we needed to figure out a chaperons living situation. So, we bought a yellow school bus that we will make our home. Our bus will provide us something to live in while we travel around. But also a home while we build our dream home.

The thing with dreams is that they will shift as you go along. They will evolve and grow just like you will. The key is to let them do that and not resist the change. Also to remember that you don’t have to have everything figured out to start pressing things. Things will become clearer as you go along. Don’t let the unknown hold you back. Finally, always be willing to consider different pathways to get your dream. There is no one right way to do things. There is no one right away to make your dreams come true. Explore options. Think outside the box. Be creative in your reverse engineering process. And one last thing. Don’t let the time frame be one of the deciding factors if you have succeeded or not.