When it comes to us not taking actionable steps towards our goals, the easiest excuse to hid behind is the fact that we either don’t have enough time, money or skill. Of course, it could be a combo or even all three. Typically don’t require any internal analyses and people normally don’t question you when you give this answer. We are all busy, it’s the greeting we give each other when we are asked how our week is going. Many of us struggle with not being able to save a lot of money, having little wiggle room for extra within their budget. 

One of my dreams since elementary school was that I wanted to visit Thailand. But I always told myself that there just wasn’t enough money to buy tickets or I didn’t have enough time off from work saved us to bee able to go. Finally this year, my dream came true. Our family adventured around Thailand for 20 days and had a spectacular time. 5 months later, our kids are still talking about the trip! But what people don’t know is that we almost canceled our flights. We second-guessed our decision on going even when we were finally given a perfect opportunity to go. 

Even though your fears and limiting beliefs that you have also held you back, I find that these resources are the ones that it is the easiest to work through, to make a change. The brain is a powerful thing and I find it a little bit more tricky on changing it rather than my behavior. 


Nowadays, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t feel like they are busy. We are busy bee’s and I feel like society kind of encourages and praises business in people. When someone asks you about how your day or week has been going, I’m going to guess your automatic response is that your busy. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people. 

But the question to be asked is are we all busy being productive or are we just filling our day with lots of activities and tasks but not really producing anything. That’s not to say that there aren’t people out there killing it daily, but I’m going to guess that average human isn’t fulfilling that productive level they wish they could achieve, even though they feel so busy. 

I’m not going to argue with you if you feel like you have lot’s on your plate, because I feel that way all the time, and I don’t even have a work job! It feels impossible sometimes to squeeze more into your already packed day. And if I were to be honest with you, I’m tired. Oh so tired. And the thought of adding more to my plate so that I can work towards my dreams just doesn’t even sound like fun…. Even if I do want to make my goals a reality. 

The thing is that most of us are terrible at estimating how much time it takes us to do certain tasks. As a mom, you learn to always plan to leave 15 min before you have to leave because you know your baby is going to have an explosive poop diaper just when you need to leave. But we are also terrible at tracking ourselves to make sure we are staying on track on the productivity wagon. Why? Well because we are easily distracted through things like social media and Netflix. Most of us are so addicted to our phones which brings the convenience of distractions. 

The answer to making more time is to ask yourself what are the things that you are going to give up. To do more, things need to shift. But are we willing to sacrifice something to make your goal happen? When your goal is aligned with what you want, it becomes an easy yes. Then it’s all about how can you arrange your schedule to make your goal a priority. 


It’s so easy to see others ahead of us who have achieved similar goals and to think, wow, I can’t do it because they have the camera, the gym membership or simply the money to make that happen. Money is a huge impactor when it comes to taking action towards your goals because a lot of us wish that we had more money. 

We forget that at one time these people that we look up too may have started right where we are, using the equipment that they had, watching YouTube videos as they did home workouts or working 3 jobs to afford that vacation. It’s so easy to compare our beginning to others who are in the middle of their journey. 

I think a great example of this is Jenna Kutcher. If you don’t know her story, she bought a $300 camera off craigslist to follow her dream to become a wedding photographer. With practice and time, she eventually won some photography awards and now has created a 6 figure business based on this one little purchase.

If your feeling as though you can’t even afford to buy a $300 camera because the budget is tight, you have to ask yourself the same question when it came to your time. What changes can you make, what things can you sacrifice to make that happen? I understand that when money is tight, even buying simple things at a time can feel daunting. What I have learned though, instead it just takes us a little longer to save compared to others. 


Skill is basically if you know how to be able to do something. All of us had to learn and practice driving. When working out at the gym, it takes knowledge of how to use equipment appropriately. Knowing which muscles that equipment or exercise move targets are a bonus. Knowledge is that base, and the more you practice, you’re skill level increases with everything that you do. 

The thing is that when we are trying something new, we usually don’t have adequate knowledge or skill. We then have to choose between are we going to take the time to learn how to do something or not. Learning takes time. Sometimes it can be frustrating but we all know so rewarding at the end. But many of us struggle with taking the steps to learn or figure out how to do stuff. 

A great example is Rachael Hollis. Over the last 10 plus years, she has built a phenomenal business and is impacting many women’s lives because of it. She has always believed in investing in who she is. Now that she has the money to do so, things look a little different. But when she first started? It was just a google search bar and the library. 

That’s the beauty with skill. You can learn almost everything you want to free off the internet. I’m enrolled in YouTube university, which I highly recommend. But I also have read and will continue to read books from the library to help me figure out things. After that? It’s just about practice and implementing what you have learned. 

All three in the category of resources go hand in hand. It’s not uncommon that if you feel lacking in one of the area’s, you feel that in others as well. I want to let you know that is normal. Because that was us. We had a combo of all 3, and we had to figure out how we could change up our routines to make things work. Thankfully, finding the time and learning something doesn’t have to cost money. We suggest these are the areas to focus on first if you feel as though money is tight. Follow that with making a budget so that you can put a little money into your goal if need be. 

Let us know what are your favorite places to learn new skills and what skill you learned! Leave a comment down below.