In episode 8 of the BLAH podcast, Colby and Shay discuss how we both are trying to revamp our wardrobes that fit our life theory of keeping things simple, yet enjoying what we have. Colby would love to have a monochromatic, decision fatigue-less wardrobe. But Shay loves color and gives him crap for it. Shay on the other hand would love a capsule wardrobe.

Recently Colby was scrolling on his social media and came across an ad that caught his eye. Lately, he has been trying to figure out what he wants to wear for the rest of his life. He feels aligned with the minimalists approach that decision fatigue is a real thing. For him its a huge part of his life due to his work schedule. Having to switch back and forth from working nights to being awake on days is draining. Colby has decided that one way to handle this decision fatigue is to revamp his wardrobe with a monochromatic uniform.

If you don’t know what decision fatigue is all about, it’s about creating a routine in your life so that you don’t have to make as many decisions. The idea is that the more decisions that you have to make, even something small like picking your outfit for the day, add up and leads to fatigue. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs both believe in this decision fatigue concept. Both also have a uniform that they don’t stray from. It’s that classic black shirt with some type of jeans look.

Colby’s decision about his clothes

Colby has decided that he would start with a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Shay had said that he looked good in that. He feels as though Shay is trying to sabotage his efforts in creating what he likes to call his decision fatigue-less wardrobe, by complimenting him on how his green shirt looks good on him or his olive pants.

Shay is a girl who loves color and is the type that would notice if you wore the same color or style of shirt daily. She couldn’t stand eating oatmeal every day or wearing practically the same thing every day as she enjoys a variety. Variety for herself, her family as well as her environment. When Colby declared that he was going to wear only 2 colors for the rest of his life, she had a mental freak out. Is it her place to put input on what he wants to wear? Absolutely not. But will it stop her? No.

So this add that caught his eye that started this whole discussion was a Kickstarter campaign for pants. Colby was feeling super uneasy to share with Shay because he knows how she feels about Kickstarter items. Shay can’t be the only person in the world who doesn’t love Kickstarter campaigns or go fund me pages. Basically any type of money donation websites. Throughout our 8 years of marriage, Colby has found so many Kickstarter campaigns that he thought was fantastic. He thought she was going to reject this one too, but to his surprise, she said yes! Go for it!

In the end, will Colby have a monochromatic, decision fatigue-less wardrobe? No. But rather just a more simplified wardrobe. He has humored Shay in purchasing a couple of colored pants, but with the black shirt on the top. Even though Shay gives him crap about his lack of color, she loves that he is finally taking the time to figure out his clothing situation. Over the 8 years of marriage, she has tried to get Colby to care about his clothes rather than just wearing and buying whatever.

With our life theory to be more simplified and enjoy the things that we have, this includes our clothes. The clothes that you choose to wear are a huge part of yourself. And how you express yourselves. It may sound shallow, but it does affect your mood and how you perceive yourself. If Colby can find something that makes him feel good and confident, no matter how much Shay thinks it’s boring, whatever he decides is great and she is there to support him.

Shay’s want for a capsule wardrobe

When it comes to Shay’s wardrobe, she loves color and variety. After wearing the same jacket for like 6 months straight while in New England, she wanted to burn it even though she loves the jacket and it brings her joy. For her, the idea of a capsule wardrobe seems appealing for her personality.

For so long even though she knew that she wanted to work towards creating a capsule wardrobe. But she just wasn’t ready just yet. If your mom, you understand how your body goes through so many changes and sizes after the kids come along. But now, it feels right to start thinking about finding pieces and have a revamp. But it’s a bit of an overwhelming project. Shay needs to start from the basics again and her clothes situation needs so much work.

She also has struggled to find her style, unlike Colby who knows exactly what he loves. She hasn’t found brands that sell clothes that fit her body type. But also doesn’t cater to the fast-fashion, trendy pieces as she doesn’t tend to love trendy things. Another big problem to creating this capsule wardrobe is that most people would go for paying a higher price for an item for its quality. They want their pieces to last a long time. Yet, Shay has found that her tastes and preferences change every couple of years and it’s not consistent. She struggles with buying these quality items knowing that in a couple of years they won’t be something that she is interested in anymore.

Our kid’s clothing

If you were curious, we have started young with our kids with the idea of capsule wardrobes. They both have a summer and a winter capsule that we switch back and forth with. Of course with kids growing so quickly, its always needing a constant update. But we want to teach our kids to appreciate their clothes. To wear things that make them feel good and what they love.

Our daughter has never had issues with this since she started picking out her outfits at the age of 2. As a new mom, Shay would pick out clothes that fit the colors that our daughter would love and think looked super cute. Yet, she wouldn’t wear it because it didn’t fit her personality. Our son, is much like Colby in the fact that he loves a very simple outfit. At this point he doesn’t care what he wears. But he is particular about his shoes.

We are excited to continue to teach our kids to appreciate what they wear as all of us continue to grow and involve in our style. If anyone has tips for Shay send them her way!