Hey there!

We are Colby and Shay Reddell. 

We are just that married couple chasing our biggest goals, bringing our kids along for the ride. As much as we try, we just aren’t your average couple no matter how much we try. But we whole heartedly believe that our story is 100% relatable to a lot of people, so we decided to start a podcast! Been doing the not so average thing for 4 years now. Read on for the rest!

We weren’t always big believers in dreaming, well for Shay anyway. We were living that comfortable life until our big move to Colorado where things started to become restrictive, irritating and difficult. We thought we had our dream life figured out until all of this mess happened. We soon realized that if we didn’t make changes we would be stuck in this mess for forever. And that thought was depressing. 

That mess just so happen to be that we just didn’t have enough money to actually do the things that held meaning, the things that we wanted to actually experience, the things we wanted to be the highlights of our lives. Basically, we didn’t want to put our lives on hold just because we had kids. The thing is that in order for us to be able to do the things on our bucket list, we needed money. But money was no where to be found. 

So our journey began on creating new habits, changing up our lifestyle and committing to pay off our debt of 90,000 so that we could do the things we wanted to do. We are 4 years in, and haven’t looked back. 2020 will be the year that we will achieve this goal, done on a single income, not making a ton of money along the way. 

But our dreams don’t end there. It’s jus the beginning of us doing the things that feel impossible for us. 

Here’s the thing. We love to make people feel like they too can make things happen. To give them hope that they can take control over their life. That it is possible to make the impossible, possible. We want to make this journey you are on feel less lonely, when it seems like the whole world has their life figured out. If we can inspire you to take the first step towards making your dreams come true, well then we’ve done good. 


The strategist and planner, the picky one in the relationship who has an opinion about everything. Obsessed with dachshunds and Japanese food, and get’s overly excited about getting on an airplane and going somewhere. 


The dreamer and easy going one in the relationship, knows what he likes but always up for a challenge and adventure of something new. Loves the outdoors especially anything related to the mountains, loves to tell jokes which Shay doesn’t appreciate, and is always in the mood for pizza with jalapeños as a topping.