Hey friend!

We are Colby and Shay. We understand that there are so many things that can get in the way of you achieving your dreams. We’ve got the family, the messy house, a life that is a bit complicated and we absolutely wish there was more cash in our bank account. 

The thing is that those things aren’t stopping us from taking daily action towards our goals. We aren’t letting our excuses get in the way of us actually doing something about the things that we want. Sure, those things mean our progress at time is slower, and we might have to take the less conventional way to achieve our goals. But it’s absolutely worth it, every single time. 

That means that you can do the same. We are here to inspire and motivate you to set goals that feel impossible to yourself, but to not stop there. We want you to stop talking about stuff and actually start doing stuff. Because there’s never a good time to start, so why not now. 

We understand that making changes are hard. It doesn’t come easily. That’s why we are sharing our story – the past, the present and our hopeful future – so that you can see that it’s all doable just being an average family. 

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Chatting with The Reddell’s podcast

A podcast by Colby and Shay about our journey on making changes in our habits and lifestyle so that we can achieve our big goals we have for ourselves. We want to create a life full of beauty that overflows with abundant happiness for us, our family and those around us.  We dive into all the nitty gritty secrets, and honest conversation of the process as we go. We are bringing the spotlight to just your average person, doing big things for themselves.